Examples of applications

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Here are some examples of applications made ​​in relation to food or chemistry areas:


Purification of  natural oligosaccharides by chromatography:

We have developed with our customer a method for separating oligosaccharides by molecular sieving. It was thus possible to produce samples with very high purity to use as HPLC standards.

Extraction with adsorbent resin:
Extraction of metabolites from amarine bacteria. Our client has determined the resin for the specific adsorption of the molecule, Seprosys defined the industrial operating conditions and production costs related to the process.

Discoloration of metal salts:
We have implemented a process for bleaching by adsorption resin to remove the color of metal salts derived from the weak acid - strong base reaction . This technique replaces the use of activated carbon.


Purification of proteins, enzymes, amino acid

Purification of sugars, oligo / polysaccharides

Extraction of anthocyanins, polyphenols

Purification of organic acids

Attaching enzymes (fixed or fluidized bed reactor)


Debittering of fruit juice

Discoloration of oil, alcohol

Preconcentration by reverse osmosis

Fine Chemistry

Recovery of metals in liquid phase (electrolysis baths, wash water ...)

Separation of metals

Separation of acids / acid salts (sulfuric, hydrochloric, phosphoric ...)

Recovery of dyes

Catalysis on resin

Recycling of organic solvents