Consulting service - R&D

Seprosys offers you access to the latest technologies of industrial separations and ensures total confidentiality with respect to engineering and equipment manufacturers.

Our services are eligible for the Research Tax Credit


- Support of R & D projects:

We offer our expertise and guide you in your internal R & D developments, by guiding you to the latest technological developments and ensuring a choice of robust and industrial solutions.


- Technical audits on industrial installations:

Seprosys conducts audits on existing installations and offers you the necessary driving optimizations and maintenance.


- Patent development:

Seprosys assists you in the choice of innovative technologies for the development of your patents


- Selection of resins or membranes for customer applications:

We propose to study with you the best solutions to replace your defective or end-of-life resins or membranes, allowing you to optimize your consumables purchases.


 - Technical feasibility of ion exchange processes, chromatography, adsorption, tangential filtration:

We put in place in our testing laboratory the processes that you apply. We define the optimal operating conditions during change of production, quality of raw materials.


- Production of samples, models:

We produce test samples, standards for the characterization of raw materials.

sugars chromatography

protein removal by membrane