Séparation de métaux

During the recycling of ores or metals containing materials, separation of the metals is often seeked in order to recover them. Various recycling techniques  have already been developed and are usually specifics to the targeted metals. The separation of at least 2 different metals like Cu and Ag or Pb and Ag for example is still not simple, efficient, economical and fast.


In order to address this need, Seprosys studied and implemented a method which enables the separation of at least 2 metals (one of which is a cationic metal at least) using ion exchange chromatography. After the dissolution of the metals in an acidic solution where the metal salts are soluble, they are separated with ion exchange chromatography with a H+ cationic resin using the previous acid as an eluent. Our work specifically target the separation of Silver and Lead, Lanthanum and Yttrium or Silver and Copper. 


=> This approach is simple to implement and allows for pure metals recovery (>99% continuous) and does not use organic solvents.

=> This process has been patented.


Metals separation patent

Metals separation

Procédé de séparation de métaux, FR 3000967 A1, FR 3000967 B1