Marine macroalgae valorization

Our research axis

One of the R&D project developed by Seprosys relates to the valorization of marine macroalgae. This research thematic is divided in different axis:



Axis 1:

Seprosys process

Development of an eco-responsible pilot process for the fractionated extraction and purification of marine macroalgae molecules. 



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Axis 2:

Macroalgae and cosmetic

Identification of the dermocosmetic potential of macroalgae fractions obtained with the Seprosys process.



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Axis 3:

Macroalgae and coagulation

Identification of the anticoagulant potential of macroalgae fractions obtained with the Seprosys process 


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Axis 4:

Neuronalg' project

Involvment of Seprosys in the Neuronalg' collaborative project; development of algae-sourced nutraceutical actives that target the neuroinflammation linked to metabolic disorders.



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Macroalgae valorization patent

Axis 1


Procédé de fractionnement d’algues et utilisation des molécules obtenues, FR2998894 (A1), FR2998894 (B1)


Axis 2


Utilisation d’un extrait d’ulve comme agent cosmétique anti-âge, FR3057770 (A1)


Axis 3

Ulvanes sulfatés et utilisation dans la régulation des troubles de la coagulation, FR3047179 (A1)