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Fruit juice deacification

Cranberry juice shows a natural acidity, once ripe, so it is hardly drinkable as it is. Today cranberries preparations are commonly sweetened with added sugar. SEPROSYS has developed a solution to lower acidity without any addition of sweetener while limiting losses of molecules of interest for the human health as flavonoids and keeping the properties of cranberry juice.

Furthermore,this method is suitable for any acidic fruit juice requiring deacidification without addition of sugar or chemical. This innovative method, carried out on an anion exchange resin, is easy to set up, cost effective and does not alter compounds of interest in the treated fruit juice.

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Tobacco extract treatment

Among all toxic compounds in tobacco smoke, research has identified different kind of molecules produced by the degradation of proteins and polyphenols. In order to reduce the harmfulness of this tobacco smoke, different methods, as floculation or absorption, have been tested without achieving acceptable yields.

SEPROSYS has developed a process to reduce proteins and polyphenols in a tobacco extract by means of ultrafiltration. Thanks to this method, close to 100% of RuBisCo (the major protein of tobacco leaves) and chlorogenic acid (major polyphenol) are eliminated from a tobacco extract.

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Carboxylic acids separation

Some fermentation processes produce aqueous solutions containing different type of sugars and carboxylic acids. Separation of those carboxylic acids one another may represent a valuable process.

In this respect, SEPROSYS has developed a process for the separation of carboxylic acids in a solution comprising mono-, di-and tri-carboxylic acids as well as, at least, one sugar (e.g. Glucose). This process consists in injecting the aqueous solution on resin particles bed covalently bonded with quaternary ammonium groups.

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