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Our recovery projects of industrial by-products

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Fish-farming water treatment

Fish farming may require the use of treatments on fishes, for example, to keep under control parasitic infections. The addition of active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) in feeds or water is commonly used. However, part of those API may remain in waters having harmful effects on others living organisms. To reply to this problematic Seprosys has developed and patented a filtration method to reduce the concentration of API in water.

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Cane sugar vinasses recovery

Sucrose fermentation, extracted from cane sugar, is a major process for ethanol production. During can sugar processing, a aqueous liquid by-product - containingt salts and organic compounds - called vinasses, is produced. Current elimination methods consist to treat those vinasses as waste or use them as fertilizer bringing questions on soil and/or ground waters safety.

In order to valorize those by-products, SEPROSYS has developed a process focusing on the extraction of valuable compounds from cane sugar vinasses as inositols and/or policosanols. Thus, this process involves filtration methods, ion exclusion chromatography and affinity chromatography.

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Extraction of policosanols from cane sugar

SEPROSYS has developed a method to extract policosanols from concentrated cane sugar vinasses with organic compound is greater than or equal to 35 g/l. This process involves ion exclusion chromatography, concentartion by microfiltration and affinity chromatography.

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