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Separation, extraction and purification of molecules

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SEPROSYS was created in 2009 by Stanislas Baudouin and Delphine Dufour. The company's main activity is to offer innovative solutions for basic and molecular purifications. Using tools such as tangential filtration, preparation chromatography and chemical or enzymatic catalysis, we develop processes applied by the chemical, pharmaceutical and agri-food industries. 

Pilot Plants operation

Each unit is defined jointly with the customer, to adjust the design to the specific needs of each application.


icône mise en œuvre

Pilot plant rental and On-site operation

In the fields of ion exchange, chromatography, adsorption, ultra/microfiltration, reverse osmosis and nanofiltration for the processing of a few hundred litres of product per day. These pilot tests allow to produce in semi-industrial conditions representative batches, to validate the sizing for industrial extrapolations.

Please consult us for pilot plant availability

icône technique

Design and Supply  of custom made units

For capacities from liters to m3 per day, we can design pilot plants for ion exchange, adsorption, filtration and most of fractionation techniques

icône chimie

manual or fully automated

our design can include manual or fully automatic units, built on skids , ready to operate.

Our activities

1. SEPROSYS offers consulting services, audits, training and patent development in the field of separative techniques as well as analysis and testing services in its laboratory.
2. SEPROSYS is constantly on the lookout for innovative techniques and processes to ensure the best separation solutions for its customers.
3. SEPROSYS develops its own pilot systems and proposes the development of laboratory systems for the study and development of separation processes.

Our R&D team

SEPROSYS as been developing macroalgae fractionation processes for several years, which has allowed us to file several patents for purified fraction processes and applications for cosmetic and nutraceutic market


SEPROSYS has filed several patents based on our research and is supporting its customers on their own IP development

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