Ingredients by Seprosys

Development of innovative purification solutions for Ingredients Production

From raw materials or extracts, Seprosys uses its expertise to develop processes to produce purified active or functional ingredients by means of eco-extraction techniques as resin separation, resin and enzymatic catalysis, or membrane filtration techniques.

Turnkey Process Development

From the bibliographic study to the pilot scale, Seprosys develops processes for the separation, concentration and/or capture of molecules of interest. We ensure explory research, development of adapted protocols, and determination of the most appropriate method to extract and preserve the molecules of interest functionalities.


Seprosys offers support for the implementation, optimization and development of separation technologies with the objective of providing the most economical solutions possible in terms of non-renewable resources.

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Mobile Pilot Unit

Our mobile extraction and purification unit for active molecules can be used near the harvesting site.

This unit has been designed to meet the increasing demand for the production of ingredients in semi-industrial scale.

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Seprosys have been working for many years on fractionation processes for the recovery of marine algae for neutraceutical and comestic purposes.


Neuronalg Project : Development of algal nutritional fraction targeting the inflammation involved in emotional behavior and metabolic disorders

Marine algae have great potential as source of active molecules for healthcare applications.

Those molecules - extracted from renewable sources - represent an interesting alternative to the use of drugs, especially in the management or prevention of some pathologies associated with chronic inflammatory statuses, such as metabolic and mood disorders.

A research partnership between the marine farm of Douhet (Island of Oléron, France) and Seprosys, has led to the production of algo-sourced active ingredients targeting inflammation and the mechanisms of alterations in emotional behavior. These pathologies are linked to metabolic disorders such as type 2 diabetes and obesity.

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Algae extract and use in the regulation of coagulation disorders

Thrombosis is a pathology leading to the formation of a blood clot in a blood vessel obstructing the normal blood flow. Thus, in the domain of healthcare, Seprosys have been developing a vegan marine-sourced seaweed extract notably for its anticoagulant and antithrombotic properties. Thus, In partnership with the university of La Rochelle, Seprosys have been working on an extraction process for the recovery anti coagulant fractions from marine algae. Seprosys as published patents and scientific publications.