Fish farming water treatment

.We have developed, with our customers, a filtration process for the reduction of active pharmaceutical ingredients in fish-farming water

Purification of natural oligosaccharides by size exclusion chromatography

We have developed with our client a process of separation of oligosaccharides by molecular sieving. This made it possible to produce samples of very high purity in order to use them as HPLC standards.

Extraction of metabolites from fermentation broth

Extraction of a fermentation medium of metabolites from marine bacteria. Our client determined the resin allowing the specific adsorption of his molecule, we have defined the industrial operating conditions and production costs associated with the process.

Decolorization of metallic salts

We have implemented an adsorption resin decolorization  to remove the color of metallic salts of organic acids This technique replaces the use of activated charcoal, with reduced OPEX and wastes

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