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Our Core Business

SEPROSYS offers to support you in the design, development and evaluation of your purification process

Development of Innovative Purification Processes by means of Chromatographic and Filtration Technologies

Downstream Processing Research & Development

SEPROSYS offers you access to the latest industrial separation technologies and ensures total confidentiality of engineers and equipment manufacturers.

R&D Project Assistance

We offer you our expertise and guide you during your internal R&D developments, directing you towards the latest technological developments and ensuring you a choice of robust and industrial solutions.

Commercial Unit Audit

SEPROSYS carries out Audits on existing installations and offers you the driving optimizations and necessary maintenance.


SEPROSYS supports you in the choice of innovative technologies for the development of your pa

Ion Exchange Resin and Membrane Benchmark

We study with you the best solutions to replace your defective or end-of-life resins or membranes, thus allowing you to optimize your purchases of consumables.

Process Evaluation

We set up, in our test laboratory, the processe that you apply. We define the optimal operating conditions during changes in production, quality of raw materials

Sample Production

We produce test samples, standards for the characterization of raw materials.

Ion Exchange Resin Analysis

In our laboratory, we carry out physico-chemical analysis of ion exchange resins to measure their aging or degradation and thus allow operators to adjust production conditions. Measurement of total humidity, Measurement of particle size distribution, Optical appearance, Organic pollution.

Pilot Plants Operation

Each unit is defined jointly with the customer, to adjust the design to the specific needs of each application.


Pilot plant rental and On-site operations

In the fields of ion exchange, chromatography, adsorption, ultra/microfiltration, reverse osmosis and nanofiltration for the processing of a few hundred litres of product per day. These pilot tests allow to produce in semi-industrial conditions representative batches, to validate the sizing for industrial extrapolations.

Design and supply of custom made units

For capacities from liters to cubic meter per day, we can design pilot plants for ion exchange, adsorption, filtration and most of fractionation techniques

Manual or fully automated

Our design can include manual or fully automatic units, built on skids , ready to operate.

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